Lord Rama to Hunumanji?

Pleased with Hanumanji’s legendary service, Lord Rama once asked him, “O Hanuman! In what form do you perceive Me?”

Hanumanji is reported to have said:

दॆहबुध्यातु दासॊहम् मनॊबुध्या त्वदम्शक:
आत्मबुध्या त्वमॆवाहम् इतिमॆ निश्चितामति:

From the body’s viewpoint, I am your servant, dāsa; from the mind’s standpoint, I am a part, aṁśa, of you; and from the standpoint of Self, ātmā, you are me alone — this is my well-ascertained conviction.

This response covers the entire spectrum of the path of spirituality, starting with the path of devotion (bhakti) and culminating in Self-knowledge.

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