To study the teachings of the sages and seers;

To dissolve all concepts of duality;

To pour oneself out in service to others; and

To remove all obstacles to understanding through inner cleansing!

Practicing unconditional sincerity, humility, perseverance, adaptability, and

Celebrating the equality of all things

Evokes the response of the universe,

And fills the seeker with Diving Light.

To the ordinary being, others often require tolerance.

To the highly evolved being, there is no such thing as tolerance,

because there is no such thing as other.

Such a being extends her goodwill in all directions.

Her very existence benefits all things. [1]

[1] Adapted from Brian Walker, trans., Hua Hu ChingThe Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu (New York: Harper Collins, 1994), 21, 29, and 18.

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