A wise physician once said the best medicine for humans is love.

Someone asked, “What if it does not work?”

The physician smiled and said, “Increase the dosage!”

Grace Notes: Generally, when we hear the word love, nostalgic feelings of romance conjure up in our mind.  Although such feelings undeniably have their own time and place, the real love is expressed in the form of giving it and not expecting it from others.

Expressed in this manner, love is transformed into compassion, a caring concern for the well-being of all beings. The Buddhists call it loving-kindness.

Love is not only the best medicine for physical and mental health; it is also the best aid on the spiritual path leading to spiritual well-being:

साच कहूँ सुन लियो सभै |
जिन प्रेम कियो तिन ही प्रभु पायो || — गुरु गोबिन्द सिंह |

Guru Gobind Singh ji says:

Hearken the truth–
Only those who love discover the Divine!

Sant Kabir points out:

पढ़ पढ़ के पत्थर भयो, लिख लिख के भयो ईंट
कबीराअंदर प्रेम की, पड़ी एक ना छींट

The personality has hardened with much logic, learning and writing.
Verily, the heart remains completely devoid of even a single drop of love.

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