‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears!’

In this regard, the Sanskrit word श्रद्धा (śraddhā) is very meaningful: it is made by conjoining two words–śrad (सत्य truth) and dhā (घारण embrace); literally, the ability to embrace or embody the truth. It has two part qualifications: the ability (in terms of preparation) and the attitude of devotion and humility.

श्रद्धा: “सत्य” को घारण करने की “क्षमता” (competence) और “पात्रता” (humility)

When these two factors coalesce, true śraddhā is born. And when that happens, the whole universe conspires to bring the seeker to the doorsteps of the Temple of Gnosis. Or sometimes, the transmission comes rolling at the seeker’s doorsteps.

This is true in both the secular and, even more so, in the sacred realm, for they are one only.

Such are the ways of the Compassionate Divinity.

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