Already, Always the Self!

All states of mind come and go.
No such thing as ‘permanent’ state of mind.
Mind disappears daily during deep sleep.
Thankfully, you don’t.
Therefore, you are not the mind!

When sleep gives way to the waking state,
‘Me’ and the ‘world’ appear simultaneously.
The ‘me-notion’ and the manifold-manifestation:
Appearances only with in waking and dream states.

YOU are prior to these states.
In fact, you are prior to all the states!
The states are mere ‘appearances’
on YOU, of YOU—
likes waves on the ocean.

YOU are in and through the three states
of waking, dream, and deep sleep;
And yet prior to them and beyond them.
YOU are the very source of All and Everything!

The notion of space-time appears within the states.
Being prior to the states,
YOU are not bound by time and space.
Time and space are mere appearances within You!

Likewise, Ego—the ‘me-notion’ appears and disappears
with the appearing and disappearing of the states.
It is just a cherished thought which comes and goes.
YOU are not the ego you fondly take yourself to be.

How can that which comes and goes
be your real nature, your true Self?!!!

Not bound by time and space,
Your true nature is
Eternal and All-Pervading.

Cognize this fact within yourself by yourself.

Be Free, which YOU are
Already, always!

~Satinder Dhiman
Sept. 27, 2016

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