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तूँ किओं डावें मसजिद मेरी, मैं किओं डावां मंदिर नूँ
आजा दोवें बह के पढ़िये, इक दूजे दे अंदर नूँ

Why should we demolish each other’s places of worship?
Let’s sit together and study the inner self of each other!


इस ख़ाक को हिदायत दे मौला
उस ख़ाक में मिलने से पहले

O Lord, guide this dust ere it returns unto the Divine dust.


Thiruvalluvar Statue In Kanyakumari, this solitary Thiruvalluvar statue stands amidst the mighty sea, doing the udaghosha of the Absolute! The tip of peninsula where India’s land ends is the meeting place of three oceans: the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the... read more

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Let’s Sit and Study Together!

Peace All the Way! तूँ किओं डावें मसजिद मेरी, मैं किओं डावां मंदिर नूँ आजा दोवें बह के पढ़िये, इक दूजे दे अंदर नूँ ~बाबा बुल्ले शाह tū keon ḍhavein masajid merī, mai keon ḍhāvān mandir nū ājā dovein beha ke par̤hiye, ik dūje de andara nū Why should we demolish each... read more

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Carpe Diem

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Conversations with a Tree

~ Satinder Dhiman, Ph.D. Ed.D.
January 11, 2013

Today during morning walk, I paused near a wise old tree; It greeted me, as always, gently; Unassumingly with an inviting look!

I have heard it whisper, as I pass by it, everyday: “I produce oxygen; What do you?”

Today, there was urgency in its voice, As if it had lots of questions for me That needed to be addressed; As a matter of life and death!

Still kind in its manner, Gentle in its demeanor; Solemn in its voice, The tree continued….

Rain or sunshine, Extreme cold or hot; I bear my lot, patiently; Without complaining or comparing! Do you?

By way of my own care and concern, I need very little on a daily basis. Always making sure to contribute, More than I consume. Do you?

I offer my gifts of shade and shelter, Anonymously and generously; And my fruits and flowers, To all and sundry, selflessly! Do you?

I am content in being the way I am, Without needing to compare or compete; To outshine or be better than the next tree; In the mindless race called success! How about you?

I abide placidly in the Present; Without brooding over the past, Or pining for the future; Living fully in the Now, authentically! Do you?

On yearly basis at least, I renew myself: Letting go of the old leaves; To make room for the new ones! Do you?

I do not hate my fellow trees, Nor do I destroy my own kind. Merely because they are different, Or hold a different viewpoint! How about you?

My virtues are: Patience, Generosity, Acceptance, Forbearance, Caring, Compassion, Contribution, Usefulness, Selflessness, Sustainability, Self-renewal! What are yours?

With my drab, rough exterior, I stay nimble and pliant inside. Always ready to adapt and to cater: Whatever circumstances transpire! Do you?

I genuinely hold my head high, Upright in my humility and gratitude; Always glorifying my Creator, By serving selflessly Its Creation! Do you?

In life and in death, I stay valuable, making sure that Every part of me is somehow useful, For the sake of others! How about you?

My leaves, my stem, My roots, my bark; All parts of the Divine Exchange, You humans call Eco-System. How about yours?

Even when I die, I am of service to you; As firewood to keep your house warm, And to cook your supreme meal! Do you?

Above all, I have the Virtue of Eternal Silence, And never get bored with my own existence! How about you?

As I listened to this wise old tree, I kept wondering: What have I done to the Garden Entrusted to my care?!

~ Satinder Dhiman, Ph.D.; Ed.D. January 11, 2013.