Journal Articles

Discipline Based – Peer Reviewed

Dhiman, S. (2015). “Gandhi and the Making of Great Leaders.” Ivey Business Journal.

Dhiman, S. (2015). “Bhagavad Gītā & the Art of Leadership: Old Text, New Context!” The Journal of Values-Based Leadership: Vol. 8: Iss. 1, Article 7. Available at:

Dhiman, S. (2012). “Mindfulness and the Art of Living Creatively: Cultivating a Creative Life by Minding Our Mind.” The Journal of Social Change. 4(1), 24–33.

Dhiman, S. (2011). “Self Mastery and Authentic Leadership.” The Organization Development Journal. 29(2), 69-83.

Dhiman, S. & Marques, J. (2011). “Role-Modeling 21st Century Small Business Management: Le Taj.” Performance Improvement (Wiley) – 50(6), 5-9.

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Marques, J., Dhiman, S., & Holt, S. (2014). “Reassessing our Perspectives in Leading.” Organization Development Journal.

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Dhiman, S. (September 2008). “Products, People, and Planet: The Triple Bottom-Line Sustainability Imperative.” The Journal of Global Business Issues, 2(2), 51-57.


Learning and Pedagogy Based – Peer Reviewed:

Garrett, N., Marques, J., Dhiman, S. (2012). “Assessment of Business Programs: A Review of Two Models.” Business Education & Accreditation, 4(2), 17-25.

Dhiman, S. & Marques, J. (2011). “The Role and Need of Offering Workshops and Courses on Workplace Spirituality.” The Journal of Management Development, 30(9), 816-835. (Emerald)

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